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Our Story






We are a New York-based lifestyle brand founded in 2021 by Rafael Aziz, an Azerbaijani entrepreneur living in New York.

Rafael was born and raised in a traditional environment, with the presence of his grandmother weaving traditional carpets, which is a common family tradition in Azerbaijan that is passed down orally and through practice. The patterns depicted in ancient architecture and culture are closely linked with the daily lives and customs of the communities involved. Speaking of patterns, they act as a visual language. Rafael learned the art and customs of the East in this atmosphere. 

Then, with its vibrant colors and creative spirit, New York became a source of inspiration for the creation of an authentic brand. RAFAEL AZIZ® is a reflection of the ancient and contemporary East, as well as the spirit of New York. Each pair of socks has its own unique pattern and story behind it, giving each wearer a sense of individuality.