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Our Story






Fusion of Traditional and Modern Eastern Fashion.

Inspired by the vibrant character of the city of New York with a touch of contemporary Azerbaijani design, our designs resonate with unique individuals in this dynamic city.

When the brand was born in 2021 we wanted to bring a fusion of contemporary and traditional fashion worlds to the city of New York. The brand was founded by Rafael Aziz, an entrepreneur of Azerbaijani origin, based in New York.

The inspiration for the brand can be traced back to Rafael’s roots. Brought up in a traditional environment, Rafael grew up around his grandmother weaving exquisite, traditional carpets. That amazing cultural heritage went through all the generations with perfecting the art at every waiving. Rich patterns depict the deep history of Eastern art and traditions that echo the everyday routine of the communities. It is a visual language connecting old and modern, East and West.

The city of New York, with its diversity of eight million people from all different parts of the world, became the total inspiration for such an authentic brand. RAFAEL AZIZ is more than fashion, it is more than socks, it is a magic mix of culture, people characters, moods, feeling, and history.