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Introducing a Fashion Journey: East Meets West.

Step into a world where tradition meets contemporary flair with RAFAEL AZIZ, an exceptional New York City-based brand. Inspired by the fusion of traditional and modern Eastern fashion, our captivating collection of luxury men's and women's socks embodies the vibrant spirit of the city.

Founded in 2021 by Rafael Aziz, an enterprising individual with Azerbaijani heritage, our brand seamlessly blends the rich cultural heritage of Eastern artistry with the dynamic energy of New York. Drawing inspiration from Rafael's upbringing surrounded by his grandmother's exquisite traditional carpet weaving, we pay homage to the artistry that runs through generations.

Our designs carry the legacy of Eastern art and traditions, narrating a visual language that connects the past with the present. The intricate patterns reflect a deep history and embody the daily lives of communities, bridging the gap between old and modern, East and West.

With New York City as our muse, we celebrate its diverse tapestry of eight million individuals from all corners of the world. RAFAEL AZIZ is more than just fashion and socks; it represents a magical fusion of culture, people, emotions, and history. Every pair tells a unique story, encapsulating the essence of this authentic brand.

Join us on this fashion journey as we weave together the threads of tradition, innovation, and the enchanting allure of New York City. Explore our collection and embrace the harmonious blend of East meets West with RAFAEL AZIZ.

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