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Goel Designer Socks

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SKU: RA22021M

Goel Designer Socks

Regular price$25.00 Sale price
SKU: RA22021M
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Adult Unisex Sizes - Find Your Perfect Fit

US M Shoe Size 4½-7½ 8-12
US W Shoe Size 5½-9½ 10-12½
EUR Shoe Size 36-40 41-46
UK M Shoe Size 4-7 7,5-11,5
UK W Shoe Size 3,5-6,5 7-11
JPN Shoe Size 23-25,5 26-29,5
CN Shoe Size 23-25cm 25.5-28cm

Maintain Your Luxury Designer Socks

To keep your RAFAEL AZIZ luxury designer socks looking and feeling their best, follow these care instructions:

  • Machine Wash: Wash in cold water (40 °C / 104 °F).
  • Avoid Bleaching or Ironing: These can damage the fabric and design.
  • Air Dry: For best results and longevity, keep them out of the dryer.

Read more about Sock Care

Goel Designer Socks - Colors of Contemporary East Collection

Sophisticated Style with a Splash of Cultural Artistry

Introducing the Goel Blue Designer Socks, the latest addition to the RAFAEL AZIZ 'Colors of Contemporary East' collection. These designer socks are a rich tapestry of New York-inspired fashion and Eastern ornamental beauty. The deep navy blue is the perfect backdrop for the vibrant blue and orange traditional motifs that adorn the fabric, embodying the soul of designer-inspired socks.

Designed in New York, Celebrating the World

The Goel designer socks are a tribute to the diversity and creativity that thrives in the heart of New York. Designed with an eye for color and a passion for detail, these colorful blue socks are a statement piece for anyone with a taste for luxury and a love for cultural richness.

A Blend of Comfort and Elegance

Every pair of Goel designer dress socks is crafted to offer a seamless blend of comfort and elegance. The soft, breathable material ensures all-day wearability, while the striking color combination and intricate patterns promise to stand out in any setting, from casual outings to formal events.

Make a Statement with Every Step

These luxury colorful socks are more than just an accessory; they are a conversation starter, a bridge between the modern silhouette of New York's high fashion and the timeless allure of Eastern aesthetics. The Goel Blue Designer Socks are for those who confidently walk and desire to make their mark with every step.

Key Features

Each pair of socks has its own unique pattern and story behind it, giving each wearer a sense of individuality.

Ultra-soft and breathable combed cotton with a higher level of comfort and durability.

70% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Reinforced in heel and toe to provide extra durability and improve product life.

More than just functional, but also decorative and creative packaging. It's ready to be gifted!

Product Features Rafael Aziz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leyla Novruzova
Beautiful socks

Really liked these socks. They look stylish and feel very comfortable.

James Lee
They're fantastic

I recently picked up a pair of Goel blue socks and they're fantastic! The unique patterns and vibrant colors make any outfit pop, while the comfort and durability are top-notch. These socks are a great addition to my wardrobe, perfect for a casual look.


I actually have two pairs of these. All these socks are a snug fit, yet soft to make you feel like you’re wearing a rug, I wear with blue dress pants and brown wingtips.

Josh G.
Best fit. Love them

I usually wear these socks with jeans and it is the best fit.

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